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Callender Press publish original voices in Contemporary World Literature, Humanities,

Social Sciences and Anthropology.


Callender Press was set up in 1991 jointly by Agnes Finnegan (Campbell) and me, Ruth, her eldest daughter, both from the ancient City of Derry  in Northern Ireland and fresh from the beautiful sea and countryside of Donegal. Like all her family now and in the past she was inspired by the faerie ‘gentle’ woods and sea of Donegal. But in a way the origin was earlier still for the Press was named after two earlier maternal forebears from both named Callender before marrying into the notable Campbell family and becoming loyal residents of Ulster. Ireland. It was at her mother’s request that Ruth, the eldest daughter ,named this enterprise the Callender Press, a happy and historic name.

Ruth Finnegan was born on the last day of 1933 in Derry, Northern Ireland. Largely brought up in Derry, she spent most of the war years in Donegal, 13 months of it in a small cottage in a ‘gentle’ (faerie) wood, an experience vividly described in her mother’s entrancing ‘Reaching for the Fruit’ and her own semi-autobiographical novel, ‘Black Inked Pearl’. This had a lasting influence on her life. More about Ruth.


About The Logo: The Press rejoices in its emblem, widely known as the Cross of Lorraine. It has Christian resonance, but also a longer history and meaning, precious over many generations. Known not only from middle-eastern Byzantium as well as early Christendom both west and east, it also has forbears in ancient Asian symbolism. It was adopted as her emblem by Joan of Arc (another remarkable woman, like those starting this press) and by freedom fighters in France as a contrast and weapon against the Nazi swastika. It has New World resonances too in the form carried by Jesuit missionaries to South America.

More recently it has been adopted as the symbol for the fight against tuberculosis and for health – ‘whole-th’. Now with its added ‘c’ (Callender, but Campbell too) and ‘f’ (for its co-founder Ruth Finnegan) it is the proud-humble emblem of Callender Press.

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