Hearing Others' Voices - Series

‘Hearing Others’ Voices’ is a new transcultural and interdisciplinary series edited by physicist Roh-Suan Tung and anthropologist Ruth Finnegan for Balestier Press (Singapore and London). It is designed, in simple and straightforward language, to inform and engage general readers, undergraduates and, above all, young adults/school sixth-formers to reflect on who and where they are and to explore recent advances in thought, unaccountably overlooked  areas of the world,  and key issues of the day


The first volumes were released in November  2018, preceded by the October launch of the Chinese version of Rob Janoff’s amazing  personal account,Taking a bite out off the apple, a graphic designer’s tale, in Chengdu, west China.


Other books will appear over the coming years, many also with translations into Chinese and other world languages.




Books in the series provide accessibly written (often illustrated and internet-linked) introductions to the latest insights into such perpetual topics as mental health, sounds of the universe, storms, voices of the Christian west, dance, our awesome minds and bodies, and more. They also reveal something of the wisdom of the too often dismissed traditions of, for example, Amazonia, native Australia, and Africa, bringing a wider understanding and ownership of who and how we and the world have come to be as they are.


With some similarities to the Oxford University Press ‘Very Short Introductions’ (but shorter and more immediately readable) and the much-loved English Ladybird books for a younger age group, but more interactive and personally challenging than either, the books will be particularly suitable for young adults’ school and personal reading and a perfect resource for mind-opening sixth-form general studies. They are designed to stimulate curiosity and provide the material and the insights to start filling important gaps in awareness. The suggestions for further material for those who want to take their understanding further will be an invaluable tool for readers, including those at or preparing for university.


A particularly valuable feature is the interactive element in the discussion questions, suggested mini projects,  a link to a series-specific Facebook pagewith interactve discussion, and in many cases audio-visual and other web links. The aim of all this is to bring the material home to the personal interests and involvements of each reader whoever and wherever they may be.


Each book is by an acknowledged expert (international authority, fellow of a national academy, emeritus  professor, or the like, together with the brightest of younger scholars and practitioners) - authors who are eager to communicate outside the too often closed realms of academe. General readers will find much to interest them, set out in straightforward but not simplistic terms. But it is above all to the eager young that the series is directed - the generation who will soon hold our precious earth and its resources and peoples in their hands and be responsible for it.


Less textbooks than sites for reflection and challenge, the series gives readers a unique route into greater awareness of our wonderful world, far and near, east and west, past and present.


The series logo has, by his choice, been created specially for Balestier Press by the celebrated designer Rob Janoff, creator of the Apple logo, hopefully a feature that will play well with a young adult computer-mad audience.



Ruth Finnegan FBA, prize-winning author, publisher,grandmother and 

Roh-Suan Tung, physicist researcher, publisher, parent, and citizen of the east and west




  • Taking a bite from the apple, Rob  Janoff, creator of the Apple logo  ( also in Chinese translation)

  • Time for the world to learn from Africa, Ruth Finnegan FBA, anthropologist, Emeritus Professor, The Open University, UK

  • Voices from the Christian west,  Venerable Archdeacon Arthur Hawes, theologian, Emeritus Archdeacon, Lincoln Cathedral

  • Listen world! Evelyn Glennie, the world’s premier solo percussionist

  • Grass: miracle from the earth, David Campbell Callender, Irish naturalist

  • Voices from Native American knowledge systems: something to learn, Clara Sue Kidsell, historian of science, University of North Carolina

  • For peace; Voices against the fog and blood of war, edited by Ruth Finnegan FBA, anthropologist

  • Decisions, decisions, decisions, with compassion  and love: voice from the headteacher’s study, A headteacher

  • From blank canvas to garment: a creative journey of discovery, Marella Campagna, fashion designer

  • Being a poet, being an Archbishop, being human,  Rowan Williams FBA, writer, poet, theologian, previously Archbishop of Canterbury


Coming soon (provisional titles)

  • Time to learn from the hunters and gatherers of the world: what can they tell us?  Alan Barnard FBA, Professor of the Anthropology of Southern Africa, University  of Edinburgh

  • Mental health: mind, body or spirit? Voices of the other, Venerable Arthur Hawes, theologian and mental health worker, Emeritus Archdeacon, Lincoln Cathedral

  • Being a street kid, being a street watcher, being there, Marcus Hurcombe, Youth worker

  • Childhood: learning from its history and culture, Heather Montgomery, Reader in the Anthropology of Childhood, Open University.

  • Listen to  China! The  voices of today’s writers, Nicky Hartman, multi-award literary translator

  • Time for the world to learn from the Middle Ages: were they so dark (and are YOU?)? Sue Oosthuizen, Reader in Mediaeval Archaeology, University of Cambridge.

  • Reading, a way to hear’ voices,  Professor Kate Pahl, University of Manchester

  • Heritage and all that: where are we? Rachel Backshall and Richard xxxx, museum workers, youth field leaders, archaeologists

  • Hearing the voices of the universe [with audio],  Roh-Suan Tung. Professor  of Physics, Nanyang Technological University Singapore

  • Your amazing body - what you didn’t know, Ani Vardanian. physiotherapist

  • OMG: Cults, religious movements, and new under the sun, Eileen Barker FBA, Emeritus Professor of Sociology (Study of Religion); London School of Economics and Political Science

  • Being a software engineer: its magic! Ian Trimnell, engineer

  • Becoming a poet: the mystery, Denise Saul, poet

  • Storms I have known, the way of  mariner, Tom Schofield, sea captain

  • Becoming an artist-priest: the struggle, Rev Ernesto Lozada Uzuriaga, prize-winning Peruvian  painter and British church minster

  • Time for the world to learn from China, Phylis ...

  • Hullo youngsters, Kate Abraham, personal  tutor

  • Being Chinese, being a British civil servant, Elena Wilson

  • Being a story-teller, being a dreamer, being dyslexic: me!  Terrie Howey, story-teller and student

  • Dentistry through my eyes, Dr Jesal Pankhania BDS Dip. Rest. Dent. (Winner: Best Young Dentist 2014, Mentoring; Dentistry; Philosophy)

  • Time for the world to learn from Hawaii, Min Ong

  • Being a thinker, being a humanitarian, and ... - a life of journeying, Professor Raymond Apthorpe, anthropologist

  • Our gypsy voices, edited by Judith Okely, anthropologist

  • A black cab driver and more, a personal experience, Elliot Ridley, London taxi driver

  • Administrating, Master-Minding and such, a fun life, Ken Edmond, top administrator, and Secretary  Mastermind Club (Semifinalist,  BBC television Mastermind Competition)

  • The love of words: a personal experience, Aoife Grant, literature teacher, Irish

  • Being a pastor, being a driver, being an immigrant, Rev John Shababa

  • Borstal boys and other young ‘uns, Norman Bishop

  • Time for the world to learn from the Philippines, Francis Zamudio

  • Les voix d’Afrique de l’ouest  / Voices of West Africa ( bilingual edition), Cecile Luguy

  • The voice and learning of an Amazonian shaman, Laurent Fontaine

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