Hearing Other Voices

This series is for  general readers, and especially for idealistic  young adults. 


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The series logo was designed  by Rob Janoff, creator of the famous Apple logo

Published 2018-19

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  • Taking a Bite from the Apple, Rob  Janoff, creator of the Apple logo 

  • Time for the world to learn from Africa, Ruth Finnegan FBA, anthropologist

  • Voices from the Christian West,  Arthur Hawes, theologian, Emeritus Archdeacon

  • From Blank Canvas to Garment: a creative journey of discovery, Marella Campagna, fashion designer 

  • Listen world!  Evelyn Glennie, the world’s premier solo percussionist

  • Native American Knowledge Systems, Clara Sue Kidsell, historian of science

  • Façonner la Parole en Afrique de l'Ouest / Voices of West Africa, us Cecile Leguy , Africanist

  • For peace: Voices of protest and aspiration, an anthology, edited by Ruth Finnegan, anthropologist 

  • Decisions, Decisions, Decisions, with Compassion and Love: voice from the headteacher’s study, Neil James, headteacher 

  • Being a Poet, Being an Archbishop, Being Human,  Rowan Williams FBA, writer, poet, theologian

  • Hunter-gatherers: something to learn,  Alan Barnard FBA, anthropologist

  • Grass Miracle from the Earth, David Campbell Callender, naturalist

  • Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, Simple Guide by an Expert, H.A.Lorentz, close colleague of Einstein’s

  • Our Amazing World, seen by a scientist, a thinker, an Astronomer Royal, Martin Rees, FRS, cosmologist   

  • Mind how you go: mind, body or spirit? Arthur Hawes, theologian and mental health worker

  • An  artist-priest: is it possible? Rev Ernesto Lozada Uzuriaga, painter and church minster

  • A refugee, a doctor, a singer - and a Lieutenant Colonel,  Thao Nguyen, General Practitioner 

  • Being a pastry cook, a restaurant owner, an immigrant, and more, Stefan Rinke, chef

  • From youth offender to tattoo’d charity worker, educator and visionary, David Tissington, volunteer 

  • The horse in history, an amazing adventure, Basil Tozer, historian

  • “Listen to this!”  The astonishing history of quotation marks and how to use them, Ruth Finnegan

  • Will we survive? The transantarctic  expedition of 1914-17, Ernest Shackleton, explorer

  • Meet the Sun, Ruth Finnegan and Claudio Vita-Finzi, solar geologist  

  • Into war games, into community, into the army, Christophe Finnegan, retired  Army Corporal,  


Coming soon ( some title wording provisional

  • Time for the world to learn from China, Yunxia Wu, anthropologist 

  • Being a street kid, being a street watcher, being there, Marcus Hurcombe, Youth worker

  • Hear the universe begin,  Roh-Suan Tung, physicist 

  • Being a software engineer and its magic! Ian Trimnell, engineer

  • Storms, their amazing life, Tom Schofield, sea captain

  • My fifty-year journey through maps, John Hunt, cartographer 

  • Get your teeth into it. Dentistry through my eyes, Jesal Pankhania, dentist

  • Being on the inside as an outsider: on doing thinking about thinking doing, Raymond Apthorpe, anthropologist

  • Gypsy voices, edited by Judith Okely, anthropologist

  • Administrating, Master-Minding and such, a fun life, Ken Edmond, administrator

  • Donkeys, wonders of the humblest, David Campbell Callender, naturalist

  • An incredible journey: from failed Kenyan schoolboy to taxi driver and pastor, John Shabaya, minister

  • Birds Magic of the sky and trees, David Campbell Callender ( aka Ruth Finnegan), naturalist 

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