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Author of the Award-winning novel Black Inked Pearl

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November 16, 2019

Welcome from us all, specially the series editors Ruth and Roh.


We all look forward to your ideas and questions and arguments and (seriously!) criticisms and challenges. It would be specially interesting for your colleagues across the world to have your (honest) reactions to any of the discussion questions. 


Photos and videos too, images, and links to lots of music and poetry and thoughts please, your own and others’. The series, after all, is ‘Hearing Others’ Voices’  - yours very much included - so that’s what it’s all about.


You can also become a member and supporter at 



Down -to-earth transcultural and transdisciplinary series for everyone, above all young adults

November 15, 2019

The books, edited by anthropologist Ruth Finnegan and physicist  Roh-Suan Tung, set out in straightforward and unstuffy language to inform general readers, undergraduates and, above all, sixth formers and to engage their interest in recent advances in thought, unaccountably overlooked areas of the world, and key issues of the present day.


The first volumes were released in November 2018, preceded by the October launch of the Chinese version of Rob Janoff’s amazing personal account of how he created the Apple logo,

Taking a Bite Out of the Apple, a graphic designer’s tale.


Other books are coming, many also with translations into Chinese and other world languages 

Recent Presentations

November 14, 2019

‘The mystery, meaning and magic of names’

American Folklore Society Annual Meeting

Baltimore, Francis Lee Memorial Lecture, 18 October 2019 


Abstract: The study of names has flourished for centuries. Its scope has been  somewhat limitated however, for, as Francis Lee Utley  pointed out in 1963, there is  little on the linguistic side to set against the plenitude on historical, logical and etymological aspects. Here  I  attempt to reflect a little  further  on the language of names  (in the broad sense of language that includes etymology and meaning). I point first  to  some rather obvious but commonly neglected aspects  before moving on to consider certain more startling  and - frankly - outrageous speculations. Sceptics kindly  look leave now!


For mor information: https://www.afsnet.org/page/2019AM/

‘Studying Africa and literature: interactions of folklore and anthropology’ (keynote address)

Folklore and Anthropology In Conversation 

Africa (Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland, and Folklore Society, London, 24 October 2019,

For more information, see: https://africentrichub.com/m/events/view/Africa-Folklore-Society-and-RAI-Joint-Seminar

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