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An engaging overview of what we know about our fascinating ever-present moon: it's ever recycling phases and what we can expect from each, that mark the start through its 'months' of human measurement and maths; its gravitational tug of the tides, spring, full, and ebb: the complement of the conscious daytime sun in the moon's its spiritual witching unconscious; expeditions to the moon; its science as we now know it and at the same time its folklore, art and poetry. And what we DON'T know. Where does our moon come from and how did it start? ask the Man in the Moon? or, better, as here, contemporary scientists and their continuing and fascinating debates? And is there anything in the lunar-lunacy theory that humans and animals behave oddly at full moon? It's all here.


An accessible and bewitching work, fully illustrated and written with verve and knowledge by the Irish naturalist David Campbell Callender (AKA Ruth Finnegan), a book that you will find it hard to put down.

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