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The Helix Pearl


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This is at root the same story and style as in the twin previous (prize-winning) novels Black Inked Pearl and its fairytale prequel Voyage of Pearl of the Seas. But this time it is told from a different perspective – that of the garrulous, sounding, wine-dark homeric one, the Sea. It is thus companion and complement (but not sequel) to Black Inked Pearl, with the same number of Parts and (sometimes identically titled) chapters. As with the earlier novels this too somehow emerged, ready-made, in liminal space, predominantly in dream – or, to be more exact, in that in-between liminal state that is neither waking nor sleeping but at the same time both.


Customer Review 5.0 out of 5 stars Creative and Unique


Reviewed by Retha in the United States on May 23, 2021

In this companion story to the “Black Inked Pearl" By Ruth Finnegan we are taken on a poetic journey of life experiences not only that of Kate but of a very unexpected character and narrator; the sea. “The Helix Pearl: the story of the winedark garrulous sea” is an artistically thought-provoking story of how the sea is intricately connected and weaved throughout everything in existence.

When given the chance to read something as unique and creative as “The Helix Pearl", one should jump at the opportunity. Poetry and art in all its forms isn’t necessarily for everyone, but isn’t life over flowing with poetic prose? Isn’t it something we relate to on a daily basis? Ruth Finnegan not only has us questioning our actions towards the ocean that has brought us life and gives us all we need to survive but also how we live our lives and the choices we make.

The writing style has a rhythmic flow to it that I really enjoyed and I found myself wanting to read it aloud, giving me slam poetry vibes. I also have never read a story where the sea was a conscious being and I truly enjoyed that aspect of the story. It was this all knowing being and I found it both exciting and terrified of its power. Overall it was a very creative and intriguing epic and I appreciated the authors word’s at the start of the book guiding the reader in how to fully appreciate the writing.


The Helix Pearl: The story of the wine-dark garrulous sea – Book Discussion (uTube link)

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