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Birds and Humans: Who are we? April/May 2022. Written by 'David Callender'

What are birds? Are they really today’s dinosaurs as against us mammals and how does their evolution compare with that of humans and their lifestyle.

Oh Kate, your first book.  Illustrations by Rachel Backshall – Dec 2021. PRINT or EPUB

The Moon, the Watching Witching Moon. Readers Favorite book prize Finalist


Betrothed: Finalist: Peachtree Village International Film Festival and Finalist: Kurdistan International Independent Film Festival

No biscuits in Heaven: Screenplay and Radio play – Latest updates and awards. Trailer now available


Creative World AWARD:  Black ink pearl


The Helix Pearl: The story of the wine-dark garrulous sea – Book Discussion (uTube link).

A NEW initiative – AUDIOBOOKS

Audiobooks are really expanding now and have become much more popular for publishing authors. For me, it’s rather nice to get back, through audio, to what  began my academic life, oral/spoken literature. From the drop down menu Audio you can access demo samples from the books so far published or order the whole audiobook.

Interview/ blog with Graham Mack – prize-winning reader of audfiobooks

Graham is a radio presenter for the BBC and other channels and has had his own radio show for years. He has recently used his skills to being a narrator and producer of audiobooks. I’ve done a lot of work with him so I'm adding this interview as it includes a couple of bits of his reading.

Ruth Wikipedia page

North Europe International Film Festival - London Edition, 2021 (Fusion Film member)

Black Ink Pearl, and Betrothed status Selected.

Miami Screenplay Awards – January 2021

The Judging Status of No biscuits in Heaven has been upgraded to Selected. The project has been selected to be included in the festival. Congratulations again, and thanks for using FilmFreeway!

Kathy by Ruth Finnegan has been selected at the Prisma Independent Film Awards – 3rd year, 3rd monthly edition! September 2020. And, in January 2021 at the International Hollywood Short Film Festival, it has the status of Hollywood Shorts, Selected.

Hearing Others' Voices: A book series by Balestier Press (London and Singapore). A transcultural and inter-disciplinary series edited by physicist Roh-Suan Tung and anthropologist Ruth Finnegan. It is designed, in simple and straightforward language, to inform and engage general readers, undergraduates and, above all, young adults/school sixth-formers to reflect on who and where they are and to explore recent advances in thought, unaccountably overlooked  areas of the world,  and key issues of the day.

Discover HOV

Interview with Ruth Finnegan for Literary Titan

Time for the World to Learn From Africa is an educational book that brings forth the historical and characteristic details of Africa. Why was this an important book for you to write? It goes back a long way. My first degree was in classical studies – Greek and Roman times – following my father...

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Join the Hearing Others Facebook Community: welcome from us all, specially the series editors Ruth and Roh. We all look forward to your ideas and questions and arguments and (seriously!) criticisms and challenges.

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