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Discover what the The Ten Commandments of St Fiacre and the 10 Commandments of Road Safety are all about. Discover the lives of taxi drivers: hidden in plain sight, here, there, and everywhere – sometimes, invisible! Learn the history that created taxis, Hackney carriages and all. Consider their urban setting with case studies and interviews from Milton Keynes. And, taxi drivers: who are they, where are they from, how did they get here? Trials, traumas and triumphs. What is ‘The job' what is ‘The Knowledge'. What’s new? All this, only on Uber! Earnings… and much more.

     This book uncovers the hidden depths below simply urban living and then leads the reader into further inspiring knowledge about the ‘real me’ behind the taxi driver. Who would believe that an accurate, meticulous account of a down-to-earth subject like taxi drivers in Milton Keynes would lead  into the deeper fathoms of the human soul and of what lies beyond.​ Your view of the familiar streets will be transformed!


A book from Ruth's Trilogy: Tales of the City, The Hidden Musicians and The Hidden Lives of Taxi Drivers – with their focus on the City of Milton Keynes but wiill apopeal to everyone.

Review from Literary Titan Editor in Chief

Thomas Anderson

“Taxi drivers are in fact a notable conduit for the wisdom and saying of generations as they hear and pass on the familiar and unfamiliar insights they gather from their many passengers”

A love letter to this unique profession? Or an introductory textbook for a future taxi driver? More than anything: a philosophical and lyrical work that opens our eyes to often overlooked, in-between things and through them, somehow, human life itself. Whatever else this book is, it is an experience I would recommend everyone try out for themselves. What will this book be to you? Iwill admit I was a little worried when I started reading this book. I don’t believe I have ever read an ethnography before, and certainly not outside of school. I believed it would be interesting in theory, but was unsure whether I would actually find it an enjoyable read.

But as I braved the first pages (comforted by the many interesting photos and illustrations), I found myself soon entranced by the clever, eye-opening, and stirring words. Ruth Finnegan has a great passion for this job and you could see this in the writing. Instead of a dry academic voice the writing gives you that precious feeling of sitting down by a fireplace and listening to a captivating speaker – whether they are telling you a clever joke or laying out a particularly poignant philosophy. This book is a chest of precious finds: interesting new knowledge, different perspectives on things, stories and anecdotes, and all the ways we are human. I highly recommend The Hidden Lives of Taxi Drivers to lovers of trivia, students of humanities, fans of Neil Gaiman and stories of liminal spaces, strangers far from home, taxi drivers, and taxi takers. This was such a unique little book. I am surprised to say I have enjoyed it tremendously and will carry pieces of it with me for a long time.

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Available on AMAZON UK, and AMAZON USA
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