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Pearl in the Deep Wood is the the fifth in the series of the Kate-Pearl epic-romance books.

The Black Inked Pearl – is an epic romance about a naive Irish girl Kate and her mysterious lover, and its fairytale prequel Pearl of the Seas. These were followed by the Pearl of the Wind, a girl rejecting her love. Then, the Helix Pearl, a tale of the wine-dark garrulous sea followed by Fire Pearl, a tale of the burning way. They are re-tellings of the age-old myth about a girl rejecting a would-be lover in panic, then searching for him through heaven and earth, desperate to find his love again.

Each is about the struggles of mortal love – or, if you like, of the human soul – interlaced with the eternity of space and time. They can also be read as a parable of the struggles of human beings and their journey through life. In addition each volume, though essentially the same tale, looks at the story from a different perspective, told by a different narrator and invoking a different one of earth’s four elements: earth, water, air, fire and, here, following Chinese philosophy, a fifth element – wood, the living one.

Very soon available on Amazon UK and Amazon USA


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