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Black Inked Pearl (Screenplay)

March 2021

WRPN TV Screenplay Competition,

Award Winner


Official Selection

North Europe International Film Festival

Miami International Science Fiction Film Festival

New Vision International Film Festival

Fort Worth Indie Film Showcase

New York City International Screenplay Awards

Feodosiya International Film Festival


Final 50

UK Film Festivali


Meraki Film Festival



Rome Prisma Independent Film Awards

Vancouver Badass Film Festival

North East Mountain Film Festival

Quarter-Finalist (top 30% of ‘one of the biggest screenplay contests in the world’)

New York City International  Screenplay Awards

Semi finalist

Silver River  Screenplay Competition

Northeast Mountain Film Festival

Page Turner Screenplays

Meraki Film Festival

Award winner

International Independent Film Festival

Los Angeles  Independent Film Festival

American  Filmatic Arts


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Capital Fund Hot List

International Independent Film Awards

Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards

American Filmatic Arts Awards


Australia Independent Film Festival

Official Selection

Rome Prisma Film Awards

Four Continents Film Festival

Hollywood Now Film Festival

UKFF Feature Script Competition

New Vision International Film Festival

International  Film Festival val Los Angeles

StoryPros International Screenplay Contest


Independent Talents International Film Festival


Twin Falls Sandwiches Film  Festival

American Filmway Awards

Australia Independent Film Festival


LA Independent Film Festival Awards (Best Screenplay Feature, 2nd-place Winner)

Five Continents International Festival (Best Screenplay)

LA Film Awards (Best Fantasy Screenplay)

Festigious Film Festival (Best Fantasy Screenplay)

American Filmatic Arts Awards (Best Sci-fi Screenplay)



Capital Fund Screenplay Contest


WEScreenplay Judge:  ‘Recommended’ (99%, ’highly marketable’)

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