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The Mountain: a captivating tale of tragedy and sacrifice


Everest mountain climb: a matter of principle. Your chance to be involved!


A film planned to be made in 2024 celebrating the centenary of the historic 1924 British attempt to climb Mount Everest. As the (prize-winning) scriptwriter and consulting producer, I want you to be a part of it,


This is an opportunity to:


  • Help us show the heart-wrenching struggles that the main character confronts and (aah !) betrayal by a climbing companion.

  • Take part in revealing his vision of scaling the unshakeable Everest heights, battling external obstacles and his own inner demons, understood only by his beloved wife.

  • Help uncover the indomitable willpower that, when we look, resides within us all, the power of the human spirit to triumph against all odds in a 2024 cinematic masterpiece to shock, entertain, and, above all, uplift.

  • Be involved in bringing an inspiring true story to life.

  • The film is a gripping, imaginative, yet true drama about a great mountaineer who stood for values, integrity, and sacrifice.

  • Uplift and inspire upcoming generations.

  • The film is about Mount Everest – but even more, it’s about the hidden secrets of heroism, the power of a peace-lover’s principles, and the legacy of standing up for what you believe in.


How can you be a part of it? Simply...

  • Forward this webpage to your friends

  • Bring up the project in conversations, both online and in person.

  • Donate to ensure this film reaches as many people as possible!


It’s more than a movie – it’s a message of courage, commitment, and conviction that the world needs right now. I can’t wait for you to be a part of it. 


“The Mountain” now has an “Honorable mention” in The Milan Gold Awards, and even better, a full GOLD AWARD win for New York Movie Awards. Let’s get involved at

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