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Soa the Vixen


The engaging tale of the wickedest – but some say the most appealing – of the ‘three wisdoms’, those parallel incarnations or dimensions of a female soul (of each of us, maybe, emergent within ourselves) whose stories are told in the unique, highly readable, and inspirational Little Angel Books.

From birth she hadn't had a chance. But she was determined to outdo them all. Who would blow her trumpet if she didn't? Selfish, wicket, worst of the lot, only the snake loved her. But would motherhood change things? And how best could the visiting little angel apprentice sum up her intriguing personality then and now in the Great Record Book of Heaven?

The intriguing tale of one of the ‘three wisdoms’ – parallel incarnations /dimensions of a female soul (of each of us perhaps?) – whose stories we hear in the unique and inspirational Little Angel Books.

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