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The little angel and the three wisdoms

as Catherine Farrar


A little angel book from an early Romantic Series

The story The Little Angel and the Three Wisdoms begins in heaven and travels to earth, ending up back in heaven. Follow the adventures of a nervous young trainee angel, conscientious but fallible, as he travels to earth to shadow Three Wisdoms (the three dimensions of the girl Sophia).

But before he can get back to heaven, he misplaces his trumpet. Everything starts with a recapitulation of the creation of the universe by a very bored God. You see, God has got nothing better to do because He has seen it all. God loves music, especially Bach and Mozart's piano concerto slow movements.

Meanwhile, the little angel, still scared and a bit fumbling, is tussling with the love affairs of three willful and flighty girls. The angel gets back his trumpet and God sends his peace messages to humankind by email (with a bit of help from his nerds). In the end,

God is quite pleased with his creation and his erring creatures as they are led astray by their dragons and their free will, saved by His forgiving love and the amazing grace of music.

Catherine Farrar was born and raised in Derry and Donegal, Ireland, "which will forever affect my outlook and language, not least my love of music and the music of words. For this and much else, I owe a great debt to my parents, Tom and Agnes Finnegan, to my brothers and sister who are still there, and to our wonderful three daughters, their husbands, and their children, who I hope will one day read and enjoy these stories.

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