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The Fire Pearl is the the fourth in the series of the Kate-Pearl epic-romance books.

The Black Inked Pearl – is an epic romance about a naive Irish girl Kate and her mysterious lover, and its fairytale prequel Pearl of the Seas. These were followed by the Pearl of the Wind, a girl rejecting her love. Then, the Helix Pearl, a tale of the wine-dark garrulous sea followed by Fire Pearl, a tale of the burning way. They are re-tellings of the age-old myth about a girl rejecting a would-be lover in panic, then searching for him through heaven and earth, desperate to find his love again.

Love discarded eludes recapture...
Light-footed and fleeting are Kate-Pearl’s tracks through life. Yet, when the words of African folklore cause a tsunami in her heart, it propels her, compass-like, towards the love she turned away. Ever in search of him, ever without him, Kate’s search for the kindling spark of knowledge is her only beacon. Within the hallowed halls of academic greatness, she finds solace and enlightenment – studying the fourth, and most transformative of the earth’s elements. Fire.
But even with the secrets of the flame within her, obstacles rise before Kate at every turn. And despite knowing its mysteries, there is one lesson she is yet to learn: fire has no master. The only way forward, is surrender.

Filled with mythical creatures, ancient folklore and breathtaking symbolism, The Fire Pearl delivers its message in lilting prose that deserves to be revisited regularly.

Very soon available on Amazon UK and Amazon USA


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