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Communicating : The Multiple Modes of Human Communication

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This is the Third Edition of my book published by Routledge/Taylor & Francis.
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ABSTRACT: Treatments of human communication mostly draw on cognitive and word-centred models to present it as predominantly a matter of words. This, Ruth argues, seriously underestimates the far-reaching multi-modal qualities of human interconnecting and the senses of touch, olfaction, and, above all, audition and vision that we draw on.

1st Dec 2023, Review: Literary Titan

Communicating: The Multiple Modes of Human Communication 3rd Edition by Ruth Finnegan presents a thorough and insightful examination of human communication, transcending the conventional focus on verbal language. Finnegan adeptly delves into the multifaceted aspects of communication, encompassing not only spoken words but also the nuanced realms of gestures, body language, material objects, and the contexts in which these interactions occur. Her approach highlights the intricate and layered nature of human interactions, with a particular emphasis on the significance of non-verbal elements such as facial expressions and sensory experiences. This perspective offers readers a comprehensive and dynamic understanding of communication.

     Finnegan’s writing style is both clear and inviting, effectively demystifying complex concepts for a broad audience. Her narrative is enriched by anecdotes and vivid descriptions, making the book as engaging as it is informative. From beginning to end, the text is infused with a depth of material and a keen analytical perspective, showcasing Finnegan’s scholarly acumen and intellectual diligence. Her reflective and inquisitive tone invites readers into a deep exploration of communication’s diverse dimensions. The book’s use of diverse examples, ranging from 20th-century England to 1960s Sierra Leone, underscores Finnegan’s commitment to examining communication across various cultural contexts. This approach, coupled with references to semiotic and structuralist theories, adds theoretical depth to her exploration.

     Rather than diving into complex definitions from the outset, Finnegan opts for an experiential approach to communication. This strategy enhances the book’s accessibility and appeal, making it a compelling read for a wide audience. Communicating serves as a foundational text for those deeply interested in the expansive study of human communication. It caters to readers seeking a nuanced and reflective understanding of the term ‘communication’ and its multifaceted nature, especially in relation to broader social and cultural contexts.

     Ruth Finnegan’s Communicating stands out as a comprehensive guide to understanding the diverse and complex facets of human communication. Her skillful blending of high-quality writing with in-depth discussion captures the functional value of communication in society, stimulating intellectual curiosity and providing valuable insights into the intricate interactions that define our social fabric.

1st Nov 2023, Review: James B, UK

This is a fantastic, fascinating, well-written, and high-quality read! While the price is definitely steep, the incredible length of the book, along with the quality of the content within its pages, justifies the price quite a bit, in my opinion. I flew through this much quicker than I expected purely because of how invested and interested I was, and the fantastic pacing and explanations definitely helped in that regard, too. I highly recommend getting yourself a copy of this if you're interested as you're extremely unlikely to regret it, in my opinion.

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