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Black Inked Pearl




An epic romance about the naive Irish girl Kate and her mysterious lover, whom she rejects in panic and then spends her life seeking. After the opening rejection, Kate recalls her Irish upbringing, her convent education, and her coolly-controlled professional success, before her tsunami-like realisation beside an African river of the emotions she had concealed from herself and that she passionately and consumingly loved the man she had rejected.

Searching for him she visits the kingdom of beasts, a London restaurant, an old people's home, back to the misty Donegal Sea, the heavenly archives, Eden, and hell, where at agonising cost she saves her dying love. They walk together toward heaven, but at the gates he walks past leaving her behind in the dust. The gates close behind him. He in turn searches for her and at last finds her in the dust, but to his fury (and renewed hurt) he is not ecstatically recognised and thanked. And the gates are still shut. On a secret back way to heaven guided by a little beetle, Kate repeatedly saves her still scornful love, but at the very last, despite Kate's fatal inability with numbers and through an ultimate sacrifice, he saves her from the precipice and they reach heaven. Kate finally realises that although her quest for her love was not vain, in the end she had to find herself – the unexpected pearl.

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Black Inked Pearl by Ruth Finnegan is a really deep, enriching romance story spanning an entire lifetime. This book follows Kate, and it asks the question why did she let the love of her life go so many years ago? Unfolding through time, that question, among other, is answered. This book feels very ethereal and the words used are quite large in scale and imagination. I felt that this book just gave off a really mysterious romantic vibe, and I loved how it felt sort of historical yet in modern times. It’s hard to explain, you will just have to read the book and find out for yourself!



Wow! I just finished reading Black Inked Pearl: A Girl's Quest by author Ruth Finnegan, and all I can say is "Wow!" It's written in a unique and creative style, one that at times blends poetry with prose. Follow the story of Kate, a girl from Ireland who falls in love with a mysterious man. She rejects him, which she soon regrets, and spends most of her life seeking him out. In telling her tale, we learn much about Kate's life, from her growing up years in Ireland to her schooling in a convent to her professional career. When she seeks out the man missing from her life, her journey takes her on an epic adventure that readers will not soon forget.



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Black Inked Pearl: A Girl’s Quest by Ruth Finnegan is an unusual romance novel, the first of that kind I am going to come across in a long while. It is a poetic riddle that expresses the journey of a girl, Kate in search of lost love. The novel is set in the dream world, or rather, is conceived in dreams, with images of this world and another intertwining and interweaving to construct an epic quest reminiscent of the kind found in major world writings. There are echoes from the Greek myths, from Irish folklore, from Christian tenets, from African legends and from that indecipherable existence populated by dream beings. It is indeed a magical book.

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Extraordinary…its richness is the boundless ocean of experience, not merely the author’s but the compendium of the human race, as explored in every myth, and the great echoing symphony of poets.


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