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Sophia the favoured lady

as Ruth Finnegan/Catherine Farrar


Sophia the favoured lady: the lovely queen Sophia has to submit to here conqueror King Francis to save her petiole from slaughter.As = a result she falls passionately in love with him - and he with her. But after just one night together he gives her away to his so, Corin. Before Sophia can win Corin's love she has to free him from his demons, only then can they fully love. She bears a child - whose we are not told - who is to inherit the kingdom. She in her turn withdraws in favour of his lovely young bride and acts as revered advisor to the kingdom. In time, she must tread the steep path to heaven - but can she reach it . . .?

An intriguing tale of love and sacrifice, shot through with religious symbolism.

A little angel book from an early Romantic Series

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