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About the book: What do we know about the real lives of taxi drivers? Or the “Ten Commandments of Saint Fiacre? Or the good rules for taxi drivers? Read about these and more in this funny, moving, informative book by prize-winning Old Bletchley author, Ruth Finnegan.

You’ll discover where MK's taxi drivers come from, what they think of their passengers, how much money they make or don’t make  – more than you might think for some  –  from luxurious holidays in Dubai hotels with all the family, to going home to India and helping on the family farm.

Read how those inconspicuous drivers you see in the front seat include a successful singer, an artist, Muslim scholar, town planner, devoted farmer, and post-doctoral nuclear physicist. Oh, and innumerable chefs, and parents, and football fans. And, almost always – you’ll have heard of immigrants’ work ethic – successful profession-attaining children who, they are determined, 'will not be a taxi-driver like me'. And, what they will say at the judgement seat, the gate to heaven. And much, much more.


This is not Ruth's first book. She is already well known as an anthropologist who has written multiple award-winning works of fiction, non-fiction and for screen, as well as authoring three movies for the Nigerian Shanpepe Films. She may be internationally known but often chooses the local to write about. ­This is her third book focusing on the City of Milton Keynes (the other two are Tales of the City and The Hidden Musicians).

The Hidden Lives of Taxi Drivers: a question of knowledge

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